Thursday, October 25, 2012

We're Not Really Lost

Wow! I didn't realize it had been over four months since our last post on here! I also didn't realize I hadn't made a post on this blog telling everyone why I wouldn't be on here for awhile. I do apologize.

Several months back, my main computer (desktop) went on the fritz. It will be awhile before I can save up and get it fixed (or take a whole day off to try a fix that was suggested to me - Thank you!), so until then, I am plugging along on my very old, dinosaur age, but faithfully reliable laptop. I hadn't used it in forever so it has taken a LOT of updates to bring it up to speed (lol, I don't think it will ever be up to speed, really) and it is awkward to use, but it IS working and for that I am ultra thankful!

Then, during all of this, we went into an extreme drought with a record breaking HOT summer. I couldn't use this old laptop in the heat, as it would overheat too quickly, plus every spare minute was occupied keeping gardens watered and trying to keep critters as cool and comfortable as possible. It was a pretty devastating summer and took up all of our time and energy.We spent little to no time cooking, especially in all that heat.

The fall rains came and I had a bit of a break from all that watering, but the weather was so nice, that I took the gamble and replanted a few veggies. I have really missed my fresh cooked okra and squash this year, and wilted lettuce. Well, we finally got a little of the wilted lettuce, and have been thoroughly enjoying some fresh green salads. (I must post a 'recipe' for one of my much loved chef salads, soon.) The summer squash were just beginning to come into production when it got a little dry again. I will, once again have to spend some time watering tomorrow. Then, I will have to bring in my herbs and cover as many plants as possible.

You see, yesterday, we had a near record high temperature, It was suppose to rain today, but I only got a drizzle. Now for the next few nights, we are suppose to experience near record lows! My pumpkins and winter squash have been growing so beautifully since the drought broke, and I couldn't wait for them to get ripe and share my recipes for them with you, but now they may have to be picked early. I may be creating some recipes with 'green' pumpkins. If any of you have such a recipe, I would love it if you shared! We did slice, batter, and fry some young, tender, unpeeled acorn squash, just as we would for fried zucchini and they were amazingly WONDERFUL!  Not sure that would work with the pumpkins, nor the Pink Banana Squash, though. We will see, though, one day at a time, as we get through this unseasonably cold weekend.

That is about all for now. I hope life has found you all happy, healthy, and comfortably filled with good cooking. Have a great weekend and we, along with the Bread on Monday series, will be back very shortly because soon it will freeze, there will be no more garden to tend to for the winter, and I will have lots of indoor cooking and blog posting time.

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